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Green Wave News

  • The Green Wave Page

    The Green Wave Page

    6/6/2015 0 comments

    Sometimes you have to change things up --so we are housing the old green wave page on the green wave space site. Fitting, we think ;)



    10/2/2014 0 comments

    ECOLOGICAL POLICY FROM 2010 to Current -a model for all EMA Members



    8/15/2014 0 comments

    Ecology is the ultimate in PLUR (R)

  • Great Green Sites!

    Great Green Sites!

    8/8/2014 0 comments

    Caring is being aware and sharing -so here you go! Great green sites for you to understand how we are truly all connected.

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Captain's Log

Messages from the founder of EMA, Mz. Janine Jordan

Featured Communities

  • EMA Advocacy

    EMA Advocacy

    Sharing news and information on the positivity of our culture and how to keep our culture amazing. A place to endorse or show the adoption of the EMA Party Pledge. EMA Party Pledge We believe we are all connected. We believe in Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect for all (and so): We promise to look out for our festival buddies, We promise to ...

  • 55
  • EMA TEAMS + Volunteer Relations

    EMA TEAMS + Volunteer Relations

    Thank you for showing interest in volunteering with EMA! This is a space to share any and all volunteer requests. Are you looking to volunteer? -ask here. Do you know of volunteer opportunities? -share here. We will also be posting our volunteer opportunities from partner organizations as well as our own EMA organizational requests. We need volu ...

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  • EMA Underground

    EMA Underground

    This is the space for all EMA members, free on up. This is our online space to change the world with our discussion, create more community, and take action.

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  • I Love Health + Safety

    I Love Health + Safety

    All things related to our mental, physical, spiritual health and safety. A place to talk drugs, sobriety, nutrition, hearing awareness, and all things related to harm reduction.

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The EMA Party Pledge

We promise to look out for our festival buddies, and we support festivals that implement eco harm reduction practices. We promise to respect the clubs, venues, and festival grounds we use, and respect the staff that manages them. We are committed to calling out behavior that promotes an unsafe or uncomfortable environment for others. We have zero tolerance for violence. We want our community to be safe, proud, and fun, and welcome in cities and venues worldwide!!