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About Us

About Us

Leading the way for the Electronic Music Culture

We, the Electronic Music Alliance (EMA) are leading the way for the Electronic Music Culture by celebrating and leveraging the positivity inherent within our dance music community.

We unite, inspire, and empower forward thinking electronic dance music leaders, artists, and fans to create a legacy of philanthropy and ecology for our future generations and advocate, set, and implement high standards within our industry.

The founding membership of the Electronic Music Alliance membership, with their networks, makes us the country's largest not-for-profit network organization serving the people of the electronic dance music community. We leverage the unique and creative voices and actions of our community to create and cultivate positive social change within our hearts, our homes, on the dance floor, and across the globe.

Our website offers our members a platform to create a dynamic community both on and offline where we can share best practices, continually inspire one another, and contribute collectively to co-create the Sound of Change.


  1. To advocate for high industry standards pertaining to social, ethical, health+safety, and environmental initiatives and create philanthropic opportunities for both our members and the broader electronic music community.
  2. To advocate for and safeguard the rights of the electronic music community.

What we do

We organize around issues important to the electronic dance music community such as health, safety, greening, and giving back to our local communities.  We work to educate our community about these issues, create programs that offer fun & effective solutions, and provide opportunities to give back.

The EMA logo is inspired by the 1970’s Ecology logo. Our parent company is Green Wave, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Donations are tax-deductible.